We are a startup independent local printed weekly newspaper whose mission is to “Spark dialogue, objectively inform, and build community in Montclair.” We feel it is important to have high-quality in-depth coverage of what is happening in our town. Our team of professional journalists are working hard to ensure both that:

  • A broad variety of topics are covered spanning city government, education, sports, arts, community and more.
  • Our coverage is in-depth and gives our readers a deep understanding of what is happening around town.

Why Print?

We believe that the benefits of having a printed weekly are significant and worth the costs for a local paper in Montclair. These benefits include:

  • Covering a broad variety of topics in a single paper that is easy to browse
  • A slower news cycle that enables reporters to dig deeper and provide more depth
  • Making news accessible to people that are more comfortable with print over digital