Over 570 Montclair companies have received funds from the federal Paycheck Protection Program since April, helping keep about 6,120 employees on payrolls, according to the Small Business Administration.

The federal government, through the CARES Act, provided $659 billion — $17 billion in New Jersey — to banks, which offered businesses and nonprofit organizations the low-interest PPP loans in response to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. In July, the SBA released the loan amounts and the names of the companies that borrowed more than $150,000.

“In releasing PPP loan data to the public, SBA is maintaining a balance between providing transparency to American taxpayers and protecting small businesses’ confidential business information, such as payroll and personally identifiable information,” the SBA said in a release. “Small businesses are the driving force of American economic stability and are essential to America’s economic rebound from the pandemic. SBA is committed to ensuring that any release of PPP loan data does not harm small businesses or their employees.”

PPP loans are not made by SBA, but rather by the lending institutions, with the loans then guaranteed by SBA. In Montclair, 78 lenders approved loans for local business owners and nonprofit directors. The borrowers self-certified that they were eligible for the loans as a small business. 

The loan amount is based on the borrowers’ average monthly payroll cost for 2019, with the borrower receiving two and a half times that amount. Borrowers who were assigned a loan prior to June 5 can take up to 24 weeks to spend the funds, instead of the original eight weeks.

Another key aspect of the PPP program is that businesses can apply for forgiveness of the loan, following passage of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act on June 4. 

To have their loans forgiven, businesses must meet certain criteria, including but not limited to spending at least 60 percent of the loan on payroll, maintaining at least 75 percent of the businesses’ total salary, and maintaining the same number of employees.

Forgiveness is based on the employer maintaining or quickly rehiring employees and maintaining salary levels. Forgiveness will be reduced if the business’s full-time head count declines, or if salaries and wages decrease.

The loans were deferred for six months, carry an interest rate of 1 percent, and have a maturity of two years, for those issued prior to June 5. For those issued after that date the maturity is five years.


Of the 572 Montclair businesses that were approved, the vast majority, 480, applied for a loan of less than $150,000. Ninety-two organizations applied for loans ranging from $150,000 to $5 million.

Applicant businesses were sorted into seven categories: nonprofits, limited-liability corporations, corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, subchapter S corporations and professional associations. 

The 480 applicants for loans under $150,000 received a total of $23,820,232 for 2,687 employees. The average loan amount was $60,000, and these businesses employed between one and 55 employees.

Of the businesses that borrowed more than $150,000, 73 percent received between $150,000 and $350,000, 19 percent borrowed between $350,000 and $1 million, 1 percent applied for $1 million to $2 million, and 6.5 percent got $2 million to $5 million.

Some of the more well-known nonprofits in town that received loans included the Montclair Art Museum, Montclair Film, the Montclair Kimberley Academy, the Montclair Community Pre-K, Montclair Cooperative School, Congregation Shomrei Emunah, First Congregational Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Jazz House Kids. 

Among the prominent Montclair businesses that received funding were the Wellmont Theater,  Bangz Salon, O.A. Peterson Co., Ashenfelter, Trembulak, McDonough, Golia & Trevenen LLP, DeCamp Bus Lines and Grove Pharmacy. 

The number of employees averaged 39 per company. A complete list of loans above $150,000 will be available on the Montclair Local website.

Borrowers were asked, but not required to fill out, information on race and gender, with 90 percent of Montclair businesses not answering. Of the 10 percent that answered, 56 are male-owned, 32 are female-owned, 15 white-owned, one African American-owned, four Asian American-owned and two Hispanic-owned.

The SBA is working to collect more demographic information from borrowers to better understand which small businesses benefited from PPP loans. The loan forgiveness application requests demographic information for borrowers.

PPP loan data reflect the information borrowers provided to their lenders in applying for the loans. The SBA makes no representations about the accuracy or completeness of any information that borrowers provided to their lenders. And not all borrowers provided all information.

New Jersey ranked eighth in the nation in the amount of PPP funds received, with California getting the most at $67 billion. Texas received $40 billion and New York $38 billion.

Full list of Montclair businesses receiving over $150,000:

b $2-5 millionCORRA TECHNOLOGY INC363 Bloomfield Avenue Suite 3CMONTCLAIRNJ7042541511CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered934/27/2020Lakeland BankNJ - 10
b $2-5 millionDECAMP BUS LINE101 Greenwood AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042485113CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered1544/4/2020Columbia BankNJ - 10
b $2-5 millionMONTCLAIR KIMBERLEY ACADEMY FOUNDATION201 Valley RoadMONTCLAIRNJ7042611110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY4924/13/2020ConnectOne BankNJ - 10
b $2-5 millionO. A. PETERSON CONSTRUCTION CO. INC.78 north willow st 0MONTCLAIRNJ7042236220Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered884/27/2020Citibank, N.A.NJ - 10
b $2-5 millionRPM MANAGEMENT, LLC77 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042531390Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered1534/9/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
b $2-5 millionSITETRACKER, INC.491 BLOOMFIELD AVE #301MONTCLAIRNJ7042541511CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered1304/11/2020Radius BankNJ - 10
c $1-2 millionBSTV ENTERTAINMENT, LLC16 Label Street Suite CMONTCLAIRNJ7042711190Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredFemale OwnedNon-Veteran365/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
c $1-2 millionMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF ESSEX AND MORRIS, INC.33 SOUTH FULLERTON AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042621420Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY1914/15/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionBANGZ, INC.23 S FULLERTON AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042812112CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedNon-Veteran724/16/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionBLUE PLANET TRAINING, INC.248 Lorraine AveMONTCLAIRNJ7043611519CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered274/12/2020Cross River BankNJ - 09
d $350,000-1 millionGRIT ENERGY SERVICES INC.33 Plymouth Street Suite 302MONTCLAIRNJ7042523999CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered294/8/2020Byline BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionIFUNDWOMEN INC.356 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7043519130CorporationUnansweredUnansweredNon-Veteran164/15/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
d $350,000-1 millionIMMACULATE CONCEPTION HIGH SCHOOL18 Cottage PlaceMONTCLAIRNJ7042611110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY354/27/2020Investors BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionMISC FNB LLC114-118 Walnut StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered04/13/2020Fulton Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionMONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM22-1487582MONTCLAIRNJ7042712110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY544/11/2020TD Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionMONTCLAIR BREAST CENTER37 North Fullerton AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered254/27/2020Investors BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionMONTCLAIR EARLY CHILDHOOD CORPORATION DBA MONTCLAIR COMMUNITY PRE-K CORPORA49 ORANGE RDMONTCLAIRNJ7042624410CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered515/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionPEARL MEDIA HOLDINGS LLC151 Forest St Suite JMONTCLAIRNJ7042541810Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered204/13/2020Lakeland BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionPLATFORM SPECIALISTS LLC11 FRANCIS PLMONTCLAIRNJ7042541512Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered215/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionPROUDLIVING COMPANIES LLC26 PARK STMONTCLAIRNJ7042531110Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered04/28/2020Signature BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionRAYMONDS RESTAURANT CORP28 Church StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered834/15/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionSATURN WIRELESS CONSULTING, LLC129 Grove Street 1BMONTCLAIRNJ7043517210Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered195/3/2020Citibank, N.A.NJ - 09
d $350,000-1 millionSDK ASSOCIATES LLC8 Brunswick RdMONTCLAIRNJ7042238390Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered244/12/2020ConnectOne BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionTHE MONTCLAIR COOPERATIVE SCHOOL65 CHESTNUT STMONTCLAIRNJ7042611110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY384/28/2020Idaho First BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionUNICITY HOMECARE SERVICES LLC129 GROVE STMONTCLAIRNJ7042621610Limited Liability PartnershipUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered1424/30/2020Cross River BankNJ - 10
d $350,000-1 millionWILLIAM H. CONNOLLY & CO., LLC56 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042524210Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered564/16/2020Investors BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000212 SALON AND DAY SPA LLC212 BELLEVUE AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7043812112Limited Liability PartnershipUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered234/27/2020Haven Savings BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000ACADIA TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC26 Park St STE 2031MONTCLAIRNJ7042541512Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered94/28/2020Santander Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ALS NEW JERSEY GROUP, LLC644 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042812112Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredFemale OwnedNon-Veteran04/27/2020The Bancorp BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ALTERNATIVE CARE ESSENTIALS, LLC27 STEPHEN STMONTCLAIRNJ7042611699Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered255/3/2020Bank of America, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ASHENFELTER, TREMBULAK, MCDONOUGH, GOLIA & TREVENEN LLP363 Bloomfield AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042541110PartnershipUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered134/28/2020Investors BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ATTUNED EDUCATION PARTNERS LLC716 VALLEY RDMONTCLAIRNJ7043999990Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered45/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000BARRY DIBERNARDO MD PC29 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111Subchapter S CorporationWhiteMale OwnedNon-Veteran144/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000BELLEVUE AVENUE DENTAL ASSOCIATES203 BELLEVUE AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7043621210Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedUnanswered4/28/2020Provident BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000BLOOMREST544 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511Limited Liability Company(LLC)WhiteMale OwnedUnanswered574/9/2020Centric BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000BP WELLMONT REDEVELOPMENT 2015, LLC363 Bloomfield Ave, Suite 2AMONTCLAIRNJ7042711310Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered1686/30/2020First Bank of the LakeNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000CAP CARE LLC45 Park Street Suite 6MONTCLAIRNJ7042621610Limited Liability Company(LLC)AsianFemale OwnedNon-Veteran504/13/2020Quaint Oak BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000CAUCUS EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION, INC75 Midland AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042521110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredMale OwnedNon-VeteranY484/15/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000CEDAS HOME CARE SERVICES, LLC356 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 4MONTCLAIRNJ7042621610Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredFemale OwnedUnanswered274/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000CLASSICS REBORN LLC98 Watchung AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7043531311Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered104/28/2020Peapack-Gladstone BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000COMPETITIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, L.L.C.38 WARFIELD STMONTCLAIRNJ7043541614Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered104/15/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000CONGREGATION SHOMREI EMUNAH67 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7043813110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY344/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000COPE CENTER, INC104 Bloomfield AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042623220Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY194/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000CUZINS INC.46 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042624410CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered294/16/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000DIVERSITY FOOD BRANDS, LLC41 Watchung Plaza 339MONTCLAIRNJ7042236220Limited Liability Company(LLC)Black or African AmericanMale OwnedNon-Veteran295/5/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000DOMINICK AND DOLPHIN INC428 BLOOMFIELD AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042722513Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered254/16/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000EBA KOSHER MARKETS LLC629 orange aveMONTCLAIRNJ7042445110Limited Liability Company(LLC)WhiteMale OwnedNon-Veteran174/28/2020KeyBank National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ESSEX RESTAURANT GROUP LLC193 Glenridge AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered4/30/2020Greater Nevada CUNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000FA CV CONSULTANTS PC127 Pine stMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered4/30/2020Celtic Bank CorporationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF40 S FULLERTON AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042813110CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered645/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000FOUR WOOD CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC33 PLYMOUTH ST STE 302MONTCLAIRNJ7042Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered125/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000FRANKLIN & HAMILTON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC7 WILLOW STMONTCLAIRNJ7042541611Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered234/15/2020Magyar BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000GARIPPA LOTZ & GIANNUARIO P C66 PARK STMONTCLAIRNJ7042541110CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered155/3/2020PNC Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000GOTHAM CLUB LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY50 LLOYD RDMONTCLAIRNJ7042Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered165/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000GROVE PHARMACY LLC-SBA SMALL 7A TERM123 Grove StMONTCLAIRNJ7043CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered05/3/2020TD Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000HOUSTON V&M LLC417 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042541940Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredFemale OwnedNon-Veteran04/7/2020Live Oak Banking CompanyNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000IMAGE DERMATOLOGY PC51 PARK STMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered125/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ -
e $150,000-350,000J CLARK & ASSOCIATES, LLC20 CHURCH ST SUITE 15MONTCLAIRNJ7042236220Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered124/11/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000JACK FINN & CO. BUILDING CONTRACTORS, L.L.C.105 GROVE ST STE 2MONTCLAIRNJ7042236115Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered105/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000LITTLE NURSING HOME, INC.71 CHRISTOPHER STMONTCLAIRNJ7042623110Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered255/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000MARBRO, INC.127 PINE STMONTCLAIRNJ7042237310CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedUnanswered224/28/2020Provident BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000MELISSA WALKER DBA JAZZ HOUSE KIDS,INC.347 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042611710Professional AssociationUnansweredFemale OwnedNon-Veteran164/27/2020Readycap Lending, LLCNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000MONTCLAIR CARE CENTER LLC111-115 Gates AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042623110Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered664/8/2020Customers BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000MONTCLAIR FILM FESTIVAL, INC.505 Bloomfield AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042611699CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered184/27/2020Investors BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000NO IFS MONTCLAIR LLC499 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered06/25/2020TD Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000NOODLE CAFE LLC401 Bloomfield AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered144/7/2020ConnectOne BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000NOTION CONSULTING LLC152 MONTCLAIR AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042541618Limited Liability Company(LLC)WhiteFemale OwnedNon-Veteran154/7/2020Peapack-Gladstone BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000NUHEIGHTS PEDIATRICS INC204 BELLEVUE AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7043621111CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered244/15/2020First BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000NUOVO SERVICE CORP16 Plymouth StMONTCLAIRNJ7042561790Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered374/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000OPTIBRAND LLC45 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042541910Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredMale OwnedNon-Veteran204/28/2020Columbia BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000OVER THE RAINBOW EARLY LEARNING CENTER32 Pleasant AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042624410CorporationUnansweredFemale OwnedNon-Veteran354/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000PARABOLIC PERFORMANCE & REHAB, LLC15 Bloomfield AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111Limited Liability Company(LLC)WhiteMale OwnedNon-Veteran424/8/2020First Home BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000PARABOLIC PERFORMANCE & REHABILITATION LITTLE FALLS, LLC15 BLOOMFIELD AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042624190Limited Liability Company(LLC)WhiteMale OwnedNon-Veteran204/11/2020First Home BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000PHOENIX TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS LLC8 Hillside Ave Ste 210MONTCLAIRNJ7042561311Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered214/15/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000PILGRIM MEDICAL CENTER393 Bloomfield AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered214/28/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000PROGRESSIVE RADIOLOGY LLC86 CLINTON AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered45/3/2020PNC Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000RABNER BAUMGART BEN-ASHER52 Upper Montclair PlazaMONTCLAIRNJ7043541110CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered94/12/2020TD Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000REAL HOUSE INC41 WATCHUNG PLZ STE 171MONTCLAIRNJ7042623220CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered514/30/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000RETAIL MANAGEMENT PUBLISHING INC.28 Valley Rd. Ste. 1MONTCLAIRNJ7042511120CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered5/3/2020Citibank, N.A.NJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000RIS PLUMBING CORP39 N Fullerton AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042238220CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered204/27/2020Level One BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000RUDY FABIANO ARCHITECTS, P.C.6 S Fullerton AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042541310Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedNon-Veteran125/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ -
e $150,000-350,000SANFORD INSURANCE GROUP LLC210 BELLEVUE AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7043524210Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered174/12/2020Provident BankNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000SCHUMACHER INSURANCE GROUP INC491 BLOOMFIELD AVE SUITE 201MONTCLAIRNJ7042524210Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedUnanswered144/27/2020Kearny BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000SHAPIRO ENTERPRISES56 South Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042812199Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered274/7/2020Affinity FCUNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000SKYVIEW CONSTRUCTORS NY LLC695 BLOOMFIELD AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042236117Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered04/7/2020Amerant Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000SMITH MULLIN, P.C. - COUNSELLORS AT LAW240 Claremont AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042541110Subchapter S CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered124/14/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH MONTCLAIR A73 S FULLERTON AVEMONTCLAIRNJ7042813110Non-Profit OrganizationUnansweredUnansweredUnansweredY165/1/2020JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000THATCHER & COMPANY59 OAKWOOD AVENUEMONTCLAIRNJ7043541820CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered05/1/2020Wells Fargo Bank, National AssociationNJ - 09
e $150,000-350,000THE LANEL COMPANIES, INC32 Park StreetMONTCLAIRNJ7042541810CorporationUnansweredMale OwnedNon-Veteran114/6/2020Blue Foundry BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000THE PLASTIC SURGERY GROUP, LLC37 N Fullerton AveMONTCLAIRNJ7042621111Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredFemale OwnedUnanswered194/27/2020Valley National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000VANITY HAIR SALON LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY9 Midland AvenueMONTCLAIRNJ7042446120Limited Liability Company(LLC)UnansweredUnansweredUnanswered05/28/2020American Express National BankNJ - 10
e $150,000-350,000VELHOGU LLC19 ELM STMONTCLAIRNJ7042722511CorporationUnansweredUnansweredUnanswered04/30/2020TD Bank, National AssociationNJ - 10