I would be very happy if you put this in the newspaper:

My name is Emma Laset, I am 8 years old, I’m in second grade, and l am in a Brownie troop at Bradford School. The troop number is 20004. At our March meeting, we talked about how animals are dying because of us.

We have wiped out 75% of insects in the last 25 years! One of the reasons this is happening is because of light pollution. Light pollution is artificial light that we make that affects insects and nocturnal animals. Birds that migrate or hunt at dark follow the moonlight and stars. Sea turtles hatch at night at the beach. Hatchlings go to the sea by following moonlight, but if lights near the beach show clearly, then they walk a really long way for nothing and get so tired that sometimes they die.

For example, bunnies are most active at night. They hunt at dawn and dusk. If we have our lights on at midnight, the bunnies might think it’s dawn and start hunting. Then they don’t get enough sleep and could become unhealthy and possibly die. They have really good vision when it is dark, so if you turn on your lights, it might be too bright. 

Insects are also being harmed by light pollution. Insects get harmed when people have their lights on at night. Like fireflies, they come out at dusk and light up. That is how they find mates. If we have our lights on at night, the fireflies will think it is a firefly and go toward it, but it would actually be a really, really far light and when they reach it, they will be very, very tired, and they won’t have enough energy to go back.

All this stuff that is happening is terrible! If we don’t help, some animals could become extinct. If you want to (which I recommend you should) you can do one of these or one of your own if you care:

  •  Use blackout curtains at night if you want your light on.
  •  Get motion-sensor lights.
  •  Turn off lights in rooms you are not using at the moment.
  •  Just turn off all lights when you are sleeping.
  •  Use amber-colored lights outside.
  •  Buy hooded covers for your lights that make the light shoot downward.

 Thank you for helping! Hopefully our animals will be happier like this!

Emma Laset

Animal Lover