By Jaimie Julia Winters

The prosecutor's office said they are investigating a fatal stabbing of woman that occurred at the Union Gardens Apartments on Greenwood and Glenridge avenues.

Montclair Police and the prosecutor's office were called to the apartments located behind Lackawanna Plaza near the post office this morning, Nov. 12, around 11:45.

No other information is available at this time, said spokesperson Katherine Carter.

The most recent homicide marks the third woman killed in Montclair this year.

Twenty-year-old Akirah Townes of Orange was stabbed on Hartley Street during the early morning hours on April 27 allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. Ahighah Broomes, 21, also of Orange, turned himself in to police later that day.

Angela Bledsoe, 44, was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend, James Ray III, on Oct. 23 in their home at 304 North Mountain Ave. He escaped to Cuba where he was detained at customs and sent back to New Jersey last week. His first court appearance is set for tomorrow morning.