The YMCA of Montclair has opened two dedicated spaces for lactation and infant feeding at its Park Street facility, sponsored by Mountainside Medical Center.

Nursing mothers and parents in need of quiet, dedicated spaces to feed their children will now be able to visit the lactation rooms, adjacent to the women’s locker rooms, according to a YMCA pannouncement.

“Our Park Street YMCA welcomes more and more families for programming, swim lessons, or a work-out while taking advantage of our Child Watch drop-in childcare,"  Sara Blondina, YMCA family director, said in the announcement. "We are so pleased to be able to offer this space to new mothers and feeding parents."

Each room contains a rocking chair, a changing table, and an inviting atmosphere, the announcement said.

“The hospital is committed to the healthcare needs of our community, both in and outside of the hospital setting," Mountainside CEO Tim O'Brien said in the release. "Collaboration with community partners like the YMCA allows us to understand and advance the well-being of our community."