ARGGH! STOP! Or perhaps stated more politely: “Dear neighbor, would you kindly stop depositing your filled doggie poop bags in the empty garbage can that stands outside my house after the town has collected the garbage but before I’ve had a chance to bring the can in?”

Here’s why. I put my garbage in bags and then place the bags in my trash can and wheel it out to the curb. Since the garbage is in bags, it’s usually easier for the workers to simply lift the bags out of the can and toss them in the truck. The result is that the can doesn’t get overturned and so any small poop bag lurking at the bottom just stays there.

Knowing this, in order to deal with your doggie poop bag, I have to reach down deep into the empty trash can and retrieve the poop bag. Then, I have to stash it outside in my back yard and then remember to later place it inside one of the bags containing my trash so that it will be picked up in the next collection. I think it’s fair to say that the more neighborly solution in this situation is for folks with doggie poop bags to carry them home rather than place them in empty trash cans along the way.

(By the way, that’s the method I used with my filled poop bags when my dog was alive.)

But please don’t think for a minute that these poop deposits can continue without accountability! I am not the only one who has encountered this problem. Those of us who have had poop bags deposited in our trash cans have banded together to form the “Ban Poop Bags in Trash Can Brigade,” or BPBTCB for short. We have Ring doorbells that will sound the alarm and take your picture as you make your deposit. We have drones that will follow you and your dog to your house so that we will know where you live. We have other, super drones that will come to your house, hover and then pick up the cover of your trash can and drop a filled doggie poop bag way down at the bottom!

Please be kind and neighborly. Don’t make us hover over there!



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