As someone who spends energy and time worrying about the climate crisis, I knew that the time had come to switch from a gas to electric vehicle to round out my family’s efforts to reduce our impact. What I did not expect was that this car was going to completely flip my indifference to driving. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an EV motorhead but definitely an enthusiast.  

The smooth and zippy feel of the ride, the clean nonexistent odor or exhaust, the quiet and peacefulness of the engine, the modern interior, and computerized controls all collectively create the perfect recipe for joy behind the wheel. 

Having to plan when and where to charge our vehicle while on road trips is trumped by all the above reasons, and of course a cleaner conscience. Living and traveling in the Northeast does make it easier with the accessibility of charging stations, and I hope that with the passage of the IRA bill this will be the norm across the country as well. Not all charging stations are equal, though, and I hope the focus with their expansion is on high-speed stations. We can go from a near 0 to 80% charge in about 20-25 minutes at a high-speed station. But we plug our car into a regular outlet in our garage overnight and get about 20% or so that way. Getting into this habit feels like plugging my phone in at night, which is no inconvenience really. 

We just got back from our summer vacation road trip to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware – a four-hour drive. Heading down with a full charge we had to stop once at a high-speed charging station in Wilmington, which added another 25 minutes to the ride. This one was at a WaWa convenience store, so we could stretch our legs and make a pit stop while we charged up.  Others are usually at shopping centers, like Target, so there is something to help make the time productive.

Not having a gas-powered engine also means no oil changes, and so far only one service appointment in the two years we have had it – just for a routine checkup. I love not having to sit in a service station for hours!  

If you are on the fence about going for an EV, I would say you will be pleasantly surprised, and if you take advantage of the incentives you will also be saving money. 

I like to imagine a world where all cars on the road are EV, and how beautiful it would be. 

Alison Tribus