Samad Savage, right, describes the coming Clair Concert next week. From left, Tennis Boy Will, Lump Shadow, Jay Illicit, Dennis Flowers.

Tonight, Friday, July 7, at 7 p.m., Samad Savage and other acts will perform in a concert at the Wellmont, 5 Seymour St., called “The Clair Concert.”

The title is from Savage’s video “The Clair,” with lyrics about Montclair, featuring Montclair hip-hoppers, and directed by Montclair teen Lump Shadow.

Lump Shadow, a rising junior at Montclair High School, will perform with fellow rising junior Tennis Boy Will in the group the Tennis Boys. Other performers on the bill include Driicky Graham, Jay Illicit, Leah Ienea, Beat Lampers, Bleszt, IB Mattic, and J.I. JA.

David Genova, who owns the Wellmont, said by telephone last week that the concert  is “exactly what Montclair is about: kids being creative and hardworking.” Savage told us, “It means so much to me because it’s in my hometown.” For more information visit