The View’s Whoopi Goldberg is a Jersey girl (she moved to West Orange in 2009) and she loves Montclair Diner.

Goldberg had a special request for her birthday show extravaganza on The View which featured all of Whoopi’s favorite things. Instead of a traditional cake, Goldberg wanted the Whoopi Waffle, a Montclair Diner creation featuring fried chicken and waffles from Montclair Diner. The special waffles — Whoopi’s Waffles — were presented by Montclair Diner owner Eliot Mosby and executive chef Gus Moya. The dish, available at Montclair Diner, features a traditional Belgian waffle with sautéed apples, lemon curd and cinnamon-scented whipped cream ($11.95).

Goldberg always orders the dish when she comes to Montclair Diner, saying on the show “I eat ’em like they’re going out of style.”

Montclair Diner is located at 613 Valley Road, Montclair.