On Tuesday, June 6, Democratic voters in Legislative District 27 have a surprise on their ballot: contested races! Livingston, Millburn, Montclair, Roseland, and West Orange Democrats have actual choices for State Assembly and Senate, and for County Commissioner. You’ll see lots of ads, flyers, and signs telling you to vote “Line A Democrats” or “Line A all the way.” But everyone on the Democratic Primary Ballot is a Democrat and you should do some research and give serious consideration to the names beyond Line A too.

I’m endorsing Line B, Senator Nia Gill for Senate, Eve Robinson for Assembly, and Justin Harris for County Commissioner. Senator Gill, serving over 20 years in the Senate, was pushed into LD27 in the 2022 Redistricting. Eve Robinson is a long time Montclair Board of Education member. Justin Harris is young, sure, but that means he has far more vested interest in our shared future than someone 50 years his senior. Representation matters, yet the original Line A slate was 3 white men over 60, 2 over 75. It’s slightly improved with a 47-year-old Latina woman replacing one of the 76-year-old white men. We need smart, independent elected officials, who reflect our communities.

You shouldn’t vote against Line A nor for Line B just because I say so. Try to make time to do research before you vote. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that those on the “County Line” A are any better qualified, vetted, or deserving of your vote. 

Matt Dragon
West Orange