On Thursday, June 15, three juveniles reported that they were eating ice cream in the outdoor seating area located on the sidewalk in front of Cold Stone Creamery on Bellevue Avenue. While sitting in this area, a tall male described as wearing black leggings with black shorts over them and a black long-sleeve shirt, riding a one-wheel electric board rode past them and slapped one of the males in the face. As per the individual assaulted and his two friends, the incident was unprovoked and no party involved knew who the person was.

The following additional activity has been reported by Montclair Police in their weekly blotter.

Motor Vehicle Crime

Wednesday, June 14: A resident reported that his 2019 Audi A5 was stolen from his driveway on Midland Avenue. After checking his home’s surveillance video, he discovered that the vehicle had been taken at 5:14 a.m. The surveillance video shows a black SUV stopping in front of the residence and a male exiting the passenger side of the vehicle and running up the driveway toward the Audi. The male entered the driver’s seat of the Audi and fled south on Midland Avenue. The vehicle was unlocked with the key fob inside. The vehicle was recovered in Summit, New Jersey, after being involved in an accident. Five juveniles were taken into custody.

Friday, June 16: A resident reported that two unknown males had entered her husband’s vehicle sometime overnight. At 4:50 a.m., two unknown individuals are seen on her surveillance camera entering the vehicle and removing a baseball bag that belongs to her son. The individuals are then scared off by the resident’s husband. The two individuals then got into a white vehicle of an unknown make and model and fled west on Melrose Place. A second resident reported that his Cherokee had been entered and a garage door opener had been removed.

Saturday, June 17: A woman reported that her 2021 Range Rover was stolen while parked on South Park Street. At the time of the theft, the vehicle contained two gold bracelets, a Dewalt fan, a wedge pillow, a dog bed and other miscellaneous items.

Burglary / Attempted Burglary

Saturday, June 17: A resident on Greenview Way reported that he received an alert from his surveillance camera while he was away. Upon viewing the footage, he realized that two individuals attempted to enter his house through the front door at approximately 5:35 a.m. In viewing the videos, the individuals are both young males, late teens to early 20s, and have a thin build. One of the males was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a white logo on the left breast, green gloves, a face mask, sneakers with neon green marks and black shorts. The second person was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a white T-shirt underneath, black shorts, black leggings and white sneakers. In the video, the male wearing the green gloves, opens the front screen door then attempts to open the main front door, which was locked. It then appears that both males walk around the house in an attempt to enter but were unsuccessful.

Saturday, June 17: A resident reported that while away on vacation, unknown individuals broke into their home on Summit Avenue and stole the keys to two of the four vehicles that were parked in their driveway. The individuals appeared to have gained entry through a first-floor window. A BMW M4 and an Audi Q8 were stolen from the scene.


Saturday, June 17: A 45-year-old male from Newark was charged with shoplifting from Acme on Valley Road.