Chip City’s S’mores cookies

Hey Chip City! We’re thrilled to learn that you’re bringing your huge, gooey cookies to Montclair’s Church Street. Our town is the obvious choice for your recent expansion to New Jersey from NYC—lots of New Yorkers are making the move to Montclair.

We can’t wait to try out all your 18 rotating flavors—Horchata, S’mores, Hot Honey Cornbread and Nutella Sea Salt, sound delicious!

Chip City rotates a weekly menu of 18 flavors.

We’ve heard excellent things about your colossal cookies—and we’re rooting for you—but we do have to tell you that Montclair is a food town. We wanted to give you a heads-up on the competition you’ll be facing, so we asked locals to share their favorite cookies in town. 


Double Chocolate Chip cookies from Jayce Baudry

Chanda Hall loves Jayce Baudry’s Double Chocolate Chip cookies, filled with Valrhona milk and dark chocolate chunks. “Somehow, they are soft and a little crispy at the same time, with a great balance of chocolate to cookie. And they’re salty enough! Most chocolate chip cookies aren’t salty enough to bring out the buttery goodness, but these are just right.”


Buckwheat Chocolate Chip cookies (before & after) from Le French Dad Boulangerie

Rob Marzulli loves the sophisticated flavor of the Buckwheat Chocolate Chip cookies from Le French Dad Boulangerie. Made with Farmer Ground organic buckwheat and Valrhona 60% dark chocolate chip, they are salty and rough around the edges and soft and sweet on the inside.


Little Pizza Heaven’s chocolate chip cookies

Danielle Raymond Neff’s favorite cookie comes from a surprising location—Little Pizza Heaven. “The Chocolate Chip cookies are perfectly crisp around the edges, and chewy and melty at the center with a rich, almost brown-buttery taste. They’re also served warm from the oven. Perfection!”


Chocolate Chip cookies from The Corner.

The Corner, a popular cafe in town, has developed a huge following among locals for its thick, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Initially, these cookies were available twice a day, but due to overwhelming demand, the cafe offers them all day through online ordering. Amy Horton Myers says they are, “Always warm and perfect. Less than just a cookie, more of an experience!


Banana Pudding cookies from Kukki Vegan

There are vegan cookies that are tough competition. The Banana Pudding cookies from Kukki Vegan are Kendra Barnes’ favorite cookies, hands down. “I’m a sucker for almost anything banana, and this cookie is the best!” Kukki Vegan cookies are available for online orders or local events, like the annual Juneteenth festival.


Snickerdoodles cookies from The Little Daisy Bake Shop

Personally, I’m a cookie minimalist. When craving a perfectly baked cookie, the Snickerdoodle cookies from The Little Daisy Bake Shop hit the spot. They are soft and chewy with a slightly crispy exterior and have the perfect blend of butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. They are pure coziness.

Thanks for choosing Montclair as the home for Chip City! We look forward to visiting and hope your cookies become a favorite of Montclair’s cookie connoisseurs.