Organizer Melissa DiMarco writes on the announcement page, 'All proceeds go to tenants.  Commonwealth feasting up some food free and in addition, a homemade BBQ station, including pulled pork, ribs, and brisket for sale. Kegs donated, live music from 5 live bands, raffles and auctions...'

"There are several reasons for a follow-up fundraiser. In the pursuit of being meaningful, transparent and purposeful according to the recovery timeline these are some of the reasons: Considering there were so many in the room and board house whatever we raise gets divided drastically. In addition, they have not been afforded yet the state recovery funding/reimbursement entitled to those suffering this type of tragedy as the fire report is still in the works. Please note, the tenants made just enough to pay minimal rent pre-fire even though most are hard-working members and contributors to town and society. Tenants are either elderly and retired living on pension alone or with medical conditions unable to contribute financially, or moved out of state with family hoping to make it back or still seeking long term housing. Rest (sic) are single, adult men trying to make ends meet and find a space to lay their heads at night in Montclair. Housing has not been found for all."