pepsi_school_2The Glen Ridge Voice reported this week that Glen Ridge has signed a deal with Pepsi that will give the district $5,000 in exchange for an exclusive contract with Pepsi to put vending machines throughout the high school. The district will earn another $3,000 if 3,000 cases of soda are sold by the end of the year.
In addition to erecting a giant blow-up Pepsi can in front of the school, the school district has edited its mission statement to read:

In partnership with a close-knit community Pepsi , the Glen Ridge Public Schools will provide each individual student with a motivational and highly challenging academic program pocket change in an atmosphere respectful of individual and cultural differences soft-drink preferences, so that students can advance their future education, contribute socially, and compete productively consume enough sugar, sodium and caffeine in an ever-changing, to support an increasingly technological financially-strapped global society tax base.”

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