Councilor Renee Baskerville, M.D., the 4th Ward Collaborative and Health Commissioner Alfred Davis, Jr., D.C. & Partners* invite the public to start 2011 with and afternoon of fun and fittness at the Wally Choice Community Center in Glenfield Park on New Year’s Day.

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit! Dance: Zumba, Family Hip Hop, Salsa; Healthy, Fun Foods; Fitness & Strength Trainers; Workshops: Peak Performance, “Six Facets of Health,” Restful Sleep, Good Posture, Balanced Spine, Positive Attitude, Proper Nutrition; Interactive Presentations; Stretching & Exercises; Work Out While Watching the New Years Day Games on Large Screen TVs

Libations Honoring the Ancestors & Imani-Faith-The Last Day of Kwanzaa

A New Years Day Affair-Saturday, January 1, 2011
2:00P.M. – 6:00P.M.
Wally Choice Community Center-Glenfield Park
Maple Ave., Montclair
973 509-2658

* Moving Montclair 4Ward-Getting A Healthy Start PARTNERS: Dr. Cynthia Paige, Medical Director, Cypress Health Institute of New Jersey; Dr. Tyran Mincey, Integrated Healthcare; Drs. Frank Barnes & Tanya Carter, Family Eye Care; Dr. Demi Turner, Family Foot Care Center; Ms. Sharon Green, Author, I’m Not Fat, I’m Big Boned: How I lost 81 lbs; United Way, Partners for Health Foundation; Mrs. Debra Jennings, Statewide Parents Advocacy Network; Montclair NAACP; Montclair Neighborhood Development Corp. (MNDC); The Foundation for the AAP, NJ; Ms. Sylvia Bryant, Montclair Public Schools/Parents Programs; Ms. Kamille King, Dance Instructor, Sharon Miller Academy for Performing Arts; Ms. Axel Capicia & Mr. Edwardo Ciseros, SYMBEO Health; Montclair B.I.D.

13 replies on “Montclair’s 4th Ward “Moves” Into 2011”

  1. We don’t have public funds for school librarians, but we have public dollars for “Family Hip Hop” workshops and “restful sleep” lectures?

  2. Why yes, ROC. Exercise, music and sleep are all just as important as books are for a young person’s developing mind and body.

  3. Spiro, sometimes your obvious desperation to post is truly appalling. As above. Is this because of something lacking in your domestic arrangements?

    Who, however, knew Montclair even had a “Health Commissioner?” And is this a paid position?

  4. It’s somewhat embarrassing to witness the semi-predictable eruptions of the fetid and crabbed darkness you call a soul, cathar.
    Wishing you a night of peaceful slumber and inspiring dreams, and Salvation in the World to Come,

    I remain, yours truly,

    Spiro T. Quayle

  5. It is my understanding that this program, which sounds filled with valuable information, is in no way funded by the town or tax dollars.

    Montclair does not have a Health Commissioner. I believe this title is one Councilor Baskerville has given out to a member of the Community who is active in health matters. Again, there are no tax dollars involved.

    Cary Africk
    2nd Ward Councilor

  6. The Public Schools are a “partner” of the event. What does that mean if not some kind of support?

  7. “Also, the venue is the Essex County Wally Choice Community Center, a County facility. So again, no tax dollars are involved.”

    Who knew Essex County was not tax supported? Cary apparently.

  8. Oh ROC, you know what I mean! By the way, I’m trying to track down some spending of MCIA “grants.” I was shouted down at the last council meeting, by other Councilors, for doing so, having been told it’s “only” $60K. Stay tuned.

  9. The whole post sounds like an advertisement for all of the businesses offering their services. The fact that the MTC Health Commissioner is a chiropractor isn’t that surprising if you’ve been reading these posts for long enough, and as ROC points out above, good phrenologists are apparently in scarce supply. My suggestion would be that, at modest additional cost to the taxpayer, the position be enlarged from a single commissioner to a panel that more closely reflects the diversity of views on health related issues held by our residents. You’d hope that maybe an herbalist, shaman, homeopathic “physician,” and tarot card reader might throw their hats into the ring just to round things out. And BTW, a chiropractor can certainly refer to themselves as a “doctor,” in a sense, but cannot claim to be an M.D. unless they’ve actually graduated from medical school and been officially conferred the title. On second thought, given the state of healthcare these days, and the straights that some physicians find themselves in, it is entirely imaginable that they would chuck their medical practice for the more lucrative pursuit of chiropraxy.

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