When you’re expecting your first  little bundle of joy, one of the most important decisions you will make is finding a pediatrician. After all, in the first year of your baby’s life alone, you will visit the office around nine times–and that’s just for well visits. It’s important to find a doctor who you really like.

You have to feel comfortable with his or her philosophy. Is he more holistic, open to delaying vaccines and a big supporter of breastfeeding? Is she more traditional, sticks to immunization guidelines and writes prescriptions freely? Is he right in the middle of those two extremes?

 It’s a big job shopping for your child’s pediatrician. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers this helpful guide of which questions you should ask when searching:

  • Does the doctor accept your insurance? What are the office hours? Is the doctor taking new patients?
  • How often should a baby see the doctor during the first year?
  • Which hospital does the doctor use? What is the doctor’s preferred method of contact?
  • How much are office visits, immunizations and other care costs?
  • Is after-hours care available when your child is sick or when you have questions?

I think these questions are helpful too:

  • Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids and well kids?
  • Do you support breastfeeding?
  • Do you get to choose which doctor to see in a large practice?

What’s the best way to find the right pediatrician for you? Ask your friends. Often, we are friends with like-minded parents, so the doctor they love will probably be a doctor you love. Most offices offer pre-baby visits. I visited my pediatrician’s office while pregnant with my first and felt like they were the right fit. They were.

So with the help of local parents, we’ve put together a list of doctors in Baristaville based on their recommendations:

Dr. Maria Yerovi
399 Hoover Avenue, Suite 4
Bloomfield, NJ

“Dr. Yerovi listens to our concerns and is a non-alarmist which I appreciate. She also takes a conservative approach to medications so I never feel we are putting the kids on antibiotics (or anything else) too quickly. She has been in practice a long time and has lots of experience as a doctor and as a mom.” ~ Montclair mom of four

“I found Dr. Yerovi because literally everyone in the area recommended her. The things I look for are: parenting philosophy, good bedside manner, flexible hours, flexible attitudes about medicine and treatments, insurance coverage.” ~ Montclair mom of two

Pediatric Group of West Orange
395 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange 

“Dr. Rabinowitz is an incredible doctor. When I had trouble with my milk supply and a baby who was losing weight, he worked very hard to help me succeed in breastfeeding and within a week, things worked out. His support was incredible. When my daughter was running a very high fever for almost a week, he called me daily to check on her. He only prescribes medication when he feels it’s absolutely necessary and he is a strict follower of the AAP’s immunization schedule, which is important to me. The other doctors in the practice and the office staff are great as well, but Dr. Rabinowtiz is the best” ~ Montclair mom of two

“We found them by asking our friends who they use. Once we met them we asked them a number of questions including: ‘How quickly do they return phone calls after office hours?’ and ‘Can we see the same doctor or do you always rotate between the physicians.’ We liked them immediately because they were warm, confident and caring.  We met them for the first time when our first child was 4-days-old and we were a mess and knew nothing!  Also, their nurses and office staff is always welcoming and warm. Over time, we’ve learned that their philosophy toward health and well-being is in line with ours and I would recommend them to anyone!” ~ Montclair mom of two

“Dr. Robert Rabinowitz of the Pediatric Group of West Orange came recommended by many friends. I needed a Dr. who wouldn’t hand out antibiotics at the first sign of infection, someone who had a good bedside manner with both kids and parents, where an appointment wouldn’t mean still waiting another 2 hours at the practice. Also someone who exhausted all lines of inquiry before referring my kids onward to specialists if they had persisting unusual symptoms. And someone who is efficient without making us feel we were being rushed out.” ~ Montclair mom of two

“Dr. Rabinowitz because everyone I knew went to him.” ~ Montclair mom of four

Millburn Pediatrics
159 Millburn Avenue
Millburn, NJ

“Our neighbor enthusiastically recommended Millburn Pediatrics, who had an appointment available and took our insurance. Luckily, the referral was spot-on, because we’ve continued to be very happy with the doctors, nurses, and staff throughout my son’s first year.”~ Maplewood dad of one

Dr. Sandra Voremberg
Ste M1, 120 Millburn Avenue 
Millburn, NJ

“Looked for someone who didn’t keep patients waiting in a germ-laden waiting room for too long.  Dr. Sandra Voremberg always sees us promptly.  Also like how “Dr. Sandy” strikes the right balance of caution and calm — she is vigilant with our kids’ health but doesn’t cause unnecessary alarm.” ~ Maplewood mom of two

Park Avenue Pediatrics
36 Park Avenue
Verona, NJ

“We asked school nurses and were told Dr. Flyer. We LOVE Dr. Sirna and know people hate Flyer, but he went to Yale and Harvard so I’m sold. He gives very practical, low intervention advice so I don’t mind him. I’m not a parent who needs to be coddled so Flyer works great for me. And Dr. Sirna has 5 kids, so not only is he a great dad, he has great real world experience.” ~ Montclair mom of three

“We use Dr Flyer. I love him because he is extremely thorough. He was referred to us by many  people. What impressed me most was at our first meeting when our first childwas two, he sat with my husband and I and took our whole family medical  history. I think he spent over an hour with us. He is not for everyone–if you want to delay vaccinations he will not oblige! He might not always be the most warm and fuzzy but he always ask all the right questions and is extremely detailed.” ~ Glen Ridge mom of three

“Our twin boys are now 3 years-old and Park Avenue Pediatrics in Verona has been their pediatricians since they were 3-months-old. We were looking for a pediatrician’s office with experience dealing with twins — we were referred by another twin family as well as good reviews a local online discussion board. We were also looking for an office with multiple doctors where we could be seen more readily, doctors who were patient, personal and willing to field a stream of questions from first-time parents, and of course a practice that took our insurance! They really fit the bill, and we’ve been very happy with their treatment and care.” ~ Bloomfield mom of two

“I like Park Avenue Pediatrics (mostly Sirna) because he takes time with us. He doesn’t appear to be in a rush. He answers my questions. He appears to genuinely like children. And he asks how my kids are doing in school. He knows us. I feel like he genuinely cares and likes to get to know his patience. It’s not a conveyor belt.” ~ Verona mom of two

Dr. Donald Cotler
171 Millburn Avenue
Millburn, NJ 

“I’m not sure my choice was very scientific. We were new to the area and our landlady, who had 4 kids herself, recommended the Dr. and he was very local.” ~ Millburn mom of two

The Pediatric Practice of Drs. Semel, Oana, Goldenring, Chua and Costeas
22 Old Short Hills Road, Suite 202
Livingston, NJ

“We picked this practice because my best friend, who researches everything to the Nth degree, had triplets. I never let good research go to waste and while I didn’t pick the same doctor -we are in the same practice – very happy. I love Dr Chua!” ~ Maplewood mom of one

Coy, Garbarino & Wasserstein MDs
393 Northfield Avenue
West Orange, NJ

“We love Dr. Coy and Dr. Garbarino! Our son had chronic ear infections and we felt well guided by them.” ~ South Orange mom of two.

“We see Dr. Coy in West Orange. Three main reasons — she’s calm and practical; she takes her time with us whether for a sick or well appt; and her office staff is friendly and returns calls promptly.” ~ Montclair mom of two

Family Health Center of Montclair
48-50 Fairfield Street
Montclair, NJ, 07042

“We go to Dr. Grobstein. She was my doctor and I trusted her–a lot.  Some people don’t like her “bedside manner” but I think she’s honest and has seen it all.” ~ Montclair mom of two

Dr. Laurence Gruenwald
90 Millburn Avenue,Suite 101
Millburn, NJ

“We got our recommendation from our landlord (whom we thought very highly of) when we were living in Jersey City. Their pediatrician, Dr. Gruenwald, was in South Orange, and since we were convinced we would be living out there or nearby we went and interviewed them and fell in love with them. He moved to Millburn and we still go. His practice has grown considerably, he now has about eight doctors working with him and they are all terrific, especially his main partner, Dr. Commandatore. He is like the Jewish mother I never had, he always calls it right.  He truly made my experience (so far, but when they were infants especially) so much less stressful. He taught me a lot about children’s health and parenting.” ~ Glen Ridge mom

Do you have a pediatrician you love that’s not listed here? Please share it in comments.

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  1. We go to Dr. Grobstein and I appreciate her “matter of fact” ways. I recommend her to everyone I know!

  2. Loved Dr. Rabinowitz, but they dropped our ins. Now we love Dr. Coy 🙂 ! Saw someone in between that shall remain nameless….Luckily the practice isn’t listed here anyway.

  3. We’ve been going to Dr. Coy for years and like her a lot for the reasons already given above. I also want to give a big shout-out to “Dr. Tara” (Matthews, I believe) in the same practice; she’s only been there a year or two but is rapidly becoming our favorite one there!

  4. We use Dr. Yerovi and love her. She never has tons of kids hanging out in the waiting room, so you don’t have to worry about the whole separate sick/well waiting room. It’s usually just us b/c she schedules very efficiently so when you arrive you’re always taken directly to a room.

    She’s a non-alarmist, conservative with medicines, familiar with uncircumcised boys (unfortunately many doctors aren’t!), willing to do regular vax schedule or alternative vax schedule, and easy to see. Our only complaint is that we wish she had Saturday office hours and evening office hours. It’s never a problem getting an appointment, but it’d just be nice if she had an evening or two where you could do the routine things like take your kid in for 5 minutes for immunizations, versus having to take off work.

  5. We like Verona Pediatrics. I always can get an appointment, and never wait long. They also will return my calls promptly.

  6. We love Dr. Yerovi! She and her staff are sweet and punctual and caring. My daughter loves everyone there. Dr. Yerovi happily explains things you don’t understand, shares her opinions and alternatives to her opinions, and never leaves me feeling like I was steam-rolled. There aren’t many doctors (even for adults) that I can say the same about.

    Also, a VERY big plus, she draws blood right in her office, so there’s not dragging your kid to the dirty, scary Quest or Labcorp offices for routine bloodwork!

  7. We love Park Avenue Pediatrics. I think Dr. Flyer is great – I’m not sure why people would have a problem with him. He is thorough, detailed and gives great advice. My kids adore him. We previously went to Dr. Rabinowitz but we left the practice – we had a series of misdiagnoses made by the nurse practitioner in the office (we rarely were seen by an MD) that resulted in serious complications for our daughter.

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