How much frozen confection can one town, or in this case — one street — handle? Coming to Montclair’s Siena, right next door to Starbucks, is Twist, a frozen yogurt shop boasting 24 flavors with plans to open this month. Twist would be moving in down the street from the recently expanded Red Mango and even closer to Gelato Giuliana (and that’s not counting the nearby, yet still-unopened Let’s Yo). Twist’s menu offers flavors including Snickerdoodle, Thin Mint Cookies and the healthful sounding Blueberry Acai. In addition to Montclair, Twist shows locations for Westwood and West Caldwell.

Meanwhile, Cupcakes Galore and More, the cupcake shop on Church Street, has closed — but will reopen as Cupcakes by Carousel. The cupcakes are mini-versions of Carousel Cakes, and the red velvet cake is famous for making the “O” List of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Besides Montclair, Cupcakes by Carousel already has shops in Englewood and Ridgewood.

Meanwhile, when it comes to cold comfort — which is your fave?

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20 replies on “New Fro-Yo and Oprah’s Favorite Red Velvet Cake Coming to Montclair’s Church Street”

  1. Look forward to trying the new cupcake shop when it opens. The cupcakes at the last place weren’t very good. Big, yes, good, no.

  2. My problem with cupcake places that aren’t really busy is that cold cupcakes are miserable. THe place that was there kept the cupcakes in the refrigerator (presumably because they didn’t have enough traffic to keep fresh ones out in the open) but to me, Magnolia’s is the best cupcake around because the cake is warm.

  3. I’m feeling an overload of yogurt/cupcake/upscale burger/pizza food outlets in this town, along with expensive home furnishing stores. Also overpriced children’s clothing/shoe stores. I want to support Montclair businesses (and do partronize the restaurants), but when I have an actual need to buy a product, I often find myself on Rt. 46.

  4. In response to uptowndowntown who wrote “when I have an actual need to buy a product, I often find myself on Rt. 46.”

    Leaving Montclair to make a purchase is no sin and doesn’t make you unsupportive of independent merchants. There are any number of items unavailable in town. I’d simply argue for knowing what IS available.

    I’m generally supportive of local merchants in Montclair AND the neighboring towns. I’d favor downtown Bloomfield, or downtown Clifton, or downtown Paterson, or downtown Passaic, or downtown Verona or or downtown Caldwell (you get the idea) over highway shopping on Rtes 46, 17, 10. And don’t get me started on malls. You can pretty much find anything in these downtowns.

  5. I’m not personally a fan of RM, but I wouldn’t quite give it that description either although the prof is entitled to his opinion. I just feel it tastes too much like regular greek yogurt, and when I went a frozen treat, I want something more sugary (and yes, likely more unhealthy).

    With all the dessert shops on it, perhaps Church Street should be renamed Sweet Street?

  6. Considering that the prof household singlehandedly supports Chobani Greek Yogurt (have you tried the new Apple/Spice?– Dee-Lish-Us!!), to say Red Mango tastes like the great stuff the Greeks gave us, it is well, off.

    Red Mango tastes nothing like Greek yogurt. I know. I know. My dumb, bland, unknowing, etc. tastes buds are just not refined enough to appreciate the greatness of Red Mango.


    It STILL tastes like throw up.

  7. “have you tried the new Apple/Spice”

    No, but I’ll have to keep an eye out now.
    I was partial to Fage’s cherry, but I think I OD’d on it, so trying something different would be good.

  8. Never tried Fage… Will give it a try. There are soooooo many now. (I usually cut up 1/2 a banana, but that’s me…)

  9. (You’re right, stu. I need to restate my position… Please replace this with what I wrote above:)

    “In my continued efforts to help the good people of Greece, I buy and eat PLENTY of Greek Yogurt. Sure, Chobani is an American Company based in NY, with a Turkish founder- who cares? It has GREEK on it’s label.”

  10. Fage is delicious yogurt, but it has a lot more fat and calories than Chobani (I’m sure that contributes to it’s great taste).

  11. Fage yogurt is the best Greek yogurt, although Chobani’s pomegranate is delicious. When I was a kid, we had to make our own Greek yogurt by buying regular plain yogurt and straining it overnight.

  12. Here’s a secret. The Marlboro Bakery (that tiny joint near Marzullo’s and the Grove Pharmacy), has the absolute best Red Velvet Cake and it’s dirt cheap, as are most of their baked goods. This is no surprise as their cheesecake is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s insanely creamy like brie.

  13. I haven’t tried the red velvet as Marlboro, but everything I have gotten there has been amazing.

    And Chobani is quite tasty. Whenever it’s on sale for $1 at ShopRite I stock up. I’m a honey or pomegranate fan myself.

    For cupcakes, I like Le Baker’s Dozen, Mr. Cupcakes (especially the minis!), or the White Hot Chocolate at Crumbs…but that means a trip far, far away.

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