We’ve been really lucky this winter. It has been mild and we haven’t had any snow — a few flurries doesn’t count. But we had a doozy of a snowstorm back in October, which caused schools to close for two or more days, depending on the town. So new snow days will end up affecting many districts.

There’s a 70 percent possibility of snow Thursday night, although TheWeatherChannel.com says no significant accumulations, so don’t expect a snow day. However, the Montclair school district posted this snow closure info on its website today:

This fall, the East Coast was hit with a storm that caused the district to lose two of the three allotted snow days. Because the state requires that students attend school for a total of 180 days per academic year, the district will add day(s) to the school calendar if more than three snow days take place in a given year. In the event that the district will require more than the allotted snow days, the following will take place: The first day that will be lost is the Friday before Memorial Day, followed by days in the spring recess week (April 16 – 20), starting with Monday.

It goes on to give information about how families will be notified and how Superintendent Alvarez makes the decisions. Read it here.

Of course, if you really want to know if your child’s school is closed or having a delayed opening, you want to check Barista Kids. We work really hard to keep you updated on snow closures, and I think we do a damn good job, but this winter, I’m hoping we won’t need to.

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One reply on “Snow Day? Montclair School District Explains School Closings”

  1. The day before Memorial Day is off for the regular schools? I thought that was just my preschool.

    I grew up in a town notorious for NEVER having snow days. We’d wait and wait as the list of all the towns scrolled (ours was at the end of the alphabet) on television – and then nothing. Seriously, we were often the only town in the entire state. It was a badge of honor in some ways.

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