Yvette Williams-Smith and Carole Bailey.

Located on the now bustling Walnut Street, next door to Corso 98, and a few doors down from Red Eye Cafe is Celebrity Recycle, Carole Bailey’s and Yvette Williams-Smith’s new consignment shop offering what they call “fabulous items,” such as dresses, jewelry, hats and shoes for women.

And the minute you meet Yvette and Carole, they make you feel fabulous with their warmth and positive energy. I had the pleasure of meeting with them on Saturday and it became clear that they have added something special on Walnut Street.

Carole Bailey has lived in Montclair for the past 30 years and has been an art teacher, textile designer and a background in retail and and business owner. Yvette has a background in retail and fashion, as well as teaching. The women met as teachers in the East Orange school district and hit it off immediately. They both share a vision for a Greener future. And it goes way deeper than the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The tag line of Celebrity Recycle is Generation Green and to them it symbolizes growth, positivity, success, connection… After seeing a disconnect in today’s youth and families, they wanted to bring something to the community to help. Consigning is green, there’s no question about that, but Celebrity Recycle will offer workshops for women, couple and kids (see more about that soon on Barista Kids) that will help to reconnect to nature, themselves and each other. In the spirit of self-awareness and connection, Yvette and Carol have made a reading room, in the lower level of the shop filled with positive self-help books. They also sells vitamins, herbal  and nutritional supplements. These women have big plans and have only just begun.

Celebrity Recycle will help them do that. All the money raised from the consignemnt shop will be put towards Generation Green efforts.

Debbie Galant scored these sexy shoes for only $30.

But back to the consignment shop. Don’t get confused by the name. Celebrity Recycle does not only stock celebrity items. The idea is that the items will make you feel like a celebrity. And every detail about the boutique is set up that way. From the service to the packaging, it’s not your typical consignment shop. Personal touches, like old black and white photos of the women’s families are lovingly places throughout the shop. The gorgeous orange sequined dress you see in the background of the photo of Yvette and Carole was the dress Yvette wore on her 30th birthday. She says so many people want to purchase it, but that’s not for sale, just decor.If you have fabulous clothing, hats, jewelry and shoes and want to consign, there’s a one time fee of $10. You bring in 10 items at a time, which are cleaned and pressed, and if chosen, you will receive 50 percent from the sale. Yvette and Carole are also putting a call out for celebrity consignors. And we know Montclair alone has many local celebrities. I’m talking about you Bobbi Brown.

If you’re interested in shopping, just walk right in and start. There are some great items, in all sizes, and unique accessories. Celebrity Recycle is open from Wednesday – Friday from 1 pm – 7 pm and Saturdays from 11 am – 7 pm. They are open on Sundays for special events and Mondays only for consigning from 5 pm – 8 pm.

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