Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa ran its first Face of Bangz search last fall and selected Ella Crowe, a Montclair resident and certified birth doula, to partner with them in various projects, culminating in tonight’s Bangz Better World Foundation’s Doula Meet and Greet. A doula is a non-medical consultant who uses specific natural-based techniques and skills to ensure the health of expectant mothers and unborn child, through coaching before, during and immediately following childbirth.

The event, to raise awareness about the work of doulas in the birth process, will allow residents to mingle with and learn more about doulas and other birth professionals. Crowe, a doula in private practice locally, donated her Face of Bangz $500 prize to the Hudson Perinatal Consortium, the organization she was formerly associated with before venturing out on her own.

Ella Crowe is pictured with, from left: Israel Cronk, Manager of Bangz; and Dominick Sansevero and Richard Cronk, both co-owners.

Crowe has been instrumental in organizing tonight’s event, which runs from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Doulas and other birth practitioners such as nutritionists, prenatal yoga instructors, and lactation consultants, will be on hand to discuss their fields of expertise. Anyone who has a desire to train to become a doula, as well as expectant mothers and friends, or those who are planning a future pregnancy are invited to attend.

There is no charge for tonight’s event, but any voluntary donations will go to DONA International (Doulas of North America) to fund scholarships for local doula trainees. While the subject is serious, the atmosphere will be festive, with Tinga Taquira providing complementary refreshments, and a live jazz performance in between presentations and informal questions.

Next Face of BangZ search will launch in mid-September. Call or visit the salon for details.