winter blastSome of our favorite food trucks that serve our area will be celebrating the Pre-Game before the Big Game at Winter Blast in Secaucus from January 30th (today!) through February 1st. So if you want an appetizer to Montclair’s own Winter Festival, consider helping our local trucks feel more at home by stopping in to support them. Locally-loved food trucks include Taqueria Autentica, Hunger Construction, Green Radish, The French Quarter, and Thai Elephant. Talk about variety!

On its Facebook page, Taqueria Autentica is excited about being involved in Winter Blast. They posted, “Our taco truck will be there, serving the killer Mexican food we’ve become known for. Winter Blast, babies!” The Green Radish has sweet treats ready to bring some love to football. Check out these chocolate chunk cookies! And of course you can’t go wrong with a baked stuffed potato from Hunger Construction to take the edge off the cold.

We know the trucks will miss Montclair for the days they’re away, but it’s good to know that we can just hop a train, bus, or car to get our food truck fix if we just can’t wait.

2 replies on “Montclair’s Favorite Food Trucks Travel to Winter Blast”

  1. We have to go to Secaucus, (and pay an entrance fee), to eat from Montclair’s ‘own’ food trucks? What? our town isn’t good enough?.
    “Think local, eat local”!

  2. Hey cranky — for me, it’s about supporting local businesses, no matter where they’ve parked for the day. The trucks have had a tough season weather-wise, and a big event like this can help them get the good word out as well as provide an end of the month boost.

    But there’s plenty going on in town Saturday, so I hope you bring your crankydave self to the celebration in Montclair Center then to “Think Local, Eat Local” as well.

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