A rendering of the proposed Midtown Parking Deck on Glenridge Avenue.[/caption]

Montclair’s Midtown Parking Lot, located on Glenridge Avenue, is closing to make way for the Midtown Parking Deck.

For that to happen, the Midtown Lot will close on Monday, January 4, so construction of the new Midtown Parking Deck can begin.

All vehicles must be removed from the Midtown Lot by January 4 or they will be towed. The entire lot will also be closed off with fencing, which means you won’t be able to cut through the lot as a shortcut to reach Bloomfield Avenue businesses.

The Township of Montclair made the announcement Thursday and stressed that there will be no access to the rear of Bloomfield Avenue businesses that currently have access from Glenridge Avenue, adding that “any vehicles parked on private properties behind businesses on Bloomfield Avenue may be trapped there until the project is finished.”

Employees of the area’s businesses who do not have township parking permits will be permitted to park in the Crescent Deck.

Where To Park

All C and N permit holders who currently park in the Midtown Lot must use alternative municipal lots until the project is completed:

    North Fullerton Deck – N Fullerton Ave, Montclair – Entire 3rd Floor or Ground level in parking spaces marked “PERMIT PARKING ONLY”

    South Fullerton Lot – 33 S Fullerton Ave, Montclair

    Plymouth Lot – 43 S Fullerton Ave, Montclair

    Portland Lot – 13 Portland Place, Montclair

    Montague Lot – 14 Montague Place, Montclair

    Maple Plaza Lot – 6 Maple Plaza, Montclair – In parking spaces marked “PERMIT PARKING ONLY”

    Gates Street Lot – 48-26 Gates Ave, Montclair

    Valley Road Lot – 20 Valley Road, Montclair – In parking spaces marked “PERMIT PARKING ONLY”
    The work on the deck is anticipated to take at least a year to complete.

The Township of Montclair apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the closure of the Midtown Lot. Once finished, the Midtown Deck will have more than 300 parking spaces (lot currently accommodates 29 metered and 54 permit spots).

2 replies on “Midtown Parking Lot Closes January 4, Montclair Apologizes For Inconvenience”

  1. OK, Glenridge 1-way traffic flow will be reversed. Maybe the Governing Body might want to look at this? Nah, let’s roll with what you have.

    Of course, the Bike Montclair people…I feel badly for you all. It must be the lack of helmets. We will dig up an 1/8th of a mile of the Glenridge Ave. repave it, repaint it and still not one bit of Complete Street. Nada. Not even sharrows. Way to nail the it. Spectacular. Even the Global Warming people don’t want to know you. Sorry, I forgot…The Parklet will return. Very impressive.

    Maybe you guys could hire a Type A leader? Cause a year from now – January 4, 2022 – no bicycle lanes on Glenridge. The good news is we will likely repaint the ‘share the road’ sharrows on Union St and on Park St. Quit the Complete Streets accomplishment.

    Montclair on the Bleeding Edge.

  2. Is this news? The restaurants have been thrown under the bus by this town and this governor. No one cares.
    Just wait when the taxes become due and the budget deficit will be solved by another council member’s hand in your pocket!

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