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The warm weather and bright sun are finally here, and although summer doesn’t official begin until June 21, it’s summer time and the living is easy. Nothing says summer more to me than the bright, refreshing taste of lemons and limes. Lemonade, lemon bars, Key Lime pies, classic lime margaritas on the rocks — I love them all so I’ve put  a list of where to get your citrus foodie fix:

The Pie Store Key Lime Pie
Hands down the most fabulous key lime pie anywhere, and I mean anywhere, can be bought at The Pie Store in Montclair. I’ve tasted key lime pie in Key West, Florida and had many versions from many places in my life, but none can compete with this pie. It’s creamy, cool, has just the right amount of lime tanginess in the filling, and it’s all on top of a delicious graham cracker crust. Bring it to a summer party and the host will invite you back all year long.

key lime whoopie pie

The Little Daisy Bake Shop’s Key Lime Whoopie Pies
If you’re a fan of the The Little Daisy Bake Shop‘s  traditional whoopie pies, which are my favorite treat at the bake shop, and their chocolatly, creamy-filling goodness, you have to try their new key lime flavor. The same delicious texture, in a refreshing lime flavor. WHOOPIE!


gina's bakery

Gina’s Bakery Lemon Ice Bundt Cake
Gina’s Bakery in Montclair offer s this bundt cake that is not too sweet, perfect with coffee or tea. A traditional lemon bundt cake made really well.


Lemon Bars

Anthony’s Cheesecake Lemon Bars
One look at this photo and you can tell that the  lemon bars from Anthony Cheesecake in Bloomfield are delicious. Buttery crust, topped with a thick layer of lemon, topped with a generous layer of powdered sugar. Mmmm, mmm, good.


mundo vegan

Mundo Vegan’s Lemon Quesadilla
We’ll let Rob Marzulli’s review of Mundo Vegan in Montclair speak for itself: “Don’t be fooled by its name — it is cake made with homemade almond meal and topped with a warm maple berry sauce was superb — the tart and sweet flavors of the lemon and berries playing off each other perfectly.”


Raw Meyer Lemon Cashew Cheesecake

So Tasty Vegan’s Raw Meyer Lemon Cashew Cheesecake
Another delicious vegan lemon dessert comes from Chef Sally Owen. It’s made with Meyer lemons, the much sweeter relative to a a lemon, and served with an almond date crust, mango coulis, chocolate sauce, and a strawberry grapefruit compote.


Montclair Bread Company

Montclair Bread Company’s Lime in the Coconut Doughnut
I haven’t yet tried this doughnut from Montclair Bread Company, which offer various changing flavors every Sunday, but their doughnuts are awesome, they’ve added coconut along with the lime (I LOVE coconut), and they score points  for using a song lyric as the name.


coconut open

Speaking of song lyrics, Holly’s Lime in the Coconut Cocktail is refreshing and hits the spot on a hot summer day.


strawberry lemonade

For a non-alcohol drink, the Strawberry Lemonade recipe from Barista Kids What’s For Dinner? writer Lisa Davies is a crowd pleaser.


Other honorable mentions (based on friend’s recommendations) go out to the Lemon Meringue Pie at Upstairs Montclair, the Lime Rickey from Raymond’s in Montclair, the Lemon Macaron from Le Petit Parisien and the Lemon Poppy Seed Cake from Coreen’s Baked Goods sold at the Montclair Farmer’s Market.

Tell us your favorite lime / lemon treats, drinks, meals in comments.



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